Praise for Bernadette Smith

Bernadette was a great external speaker who intentionally connected her messages to our firm’s values and culture. Even though Bernadette was the last presenter on a long day of trainings, she kept the audience engaged and active throughout the presentation.
— Jonathan Philipp, Grant Thornton

Bernadette Smith is an outstanding speaker on building constructive culture. Her engaging keynote was definitely not the standard diversity and inclusivity training. She connected to our specific mission and values and was authentic, approachable, and practical.
— Dr. Sandra Dunbar, Emory University

Bernadette Smith was the perfect Keynote Speaker for our luncheon! She brought our entire conference theme to life. Her energy and positive motivation supported our mission for the conference and educated our attendees on the importance of inclusivity in our meeting industry and world . I would highly recommend Bernadette as a speaker – she is a real pro.
— Tammy Dickerson, WECon

Your evaluations were VERY positive! I think the comments and scores reflect your knowledge of the subject and enthusiasm for the topic.
— Carla, American Rental Association

“Excellent speaker. Timely important issue. Outstanding mix of background and actionable information. Professionally and perfectly presented. Well done!”
— Attendee, World Education Congress

Bernadette’s was the first session of conference. Wow - great way to start. Interesting, entertaining, and useful.
— Attendee, AORN Conference

I attended Bernadette’s session last year and was impressed again with her wit, enthusiasm, and knowledge. She is fantastic and entertaining.
— Attendee, NACE Experience

Thank you very much for providing such a comprehensive seminar. Your insight and knowledge will go a long way in how we service our guests. I hope to work together again in the future.
— Mark, MGM Resorts

Thank you so much for an inspiring and thought-provoking session.
— Jessica, NHS Global Events

Excellent program Bernadette! Absolutely perfect, simple, accurate, interesting, and quick. So cool. Love it. I wish you continued success in everything.
— Talita, Barilla

Best session I’ve attended so far – info was new, applicable, and included great facts.
— Attendee, NACE Experience

The leads are starting to come in and the feedback is all so positive that we are ahead of the curve. We couldn’t have done it without you!
— Lydia, Ritz-Carlton

I found the talk gave me great insight and confidence in speaking with our clients. I would recommend this to any professional who is looking to expand their knowledge in inclusion. It is absolutely worth your time!
— Jessica, Trump Hotels