The Workforce is Increasingly Diverse

Does Your Organization Understand the New “Rules”?

Speaker and Diversity & Inclusion Expert

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Everyone Wins When We Un-assume Assumptions

In business, even the simplest of assumptions can cost you money -- and the standards for diversity and inclusion have changed. Bernadette will help you avoid million dollar mistakes.


Bernadette's signature talk is Modern Leadership: Inspiring Success Through Inclusion & Authenticity. When a company’s corporate culture has a bedrock of equality and diversity, they are made for the future. Our world is changing, fast, and is more connected than ever. Gender diversity is expanding. Racial diversity is exploding. No organization can afford to be left in the dust. Simply put, diversity and equality are the number one workplace priorities for young Americans, the largest generation in the workforce. This inspirational, yet practical, talk addresses best practices for leaders to minimize unconscious bias, empower diverse team members, and create a profitable culture of inclusion. 

Thank you very much for providing such a comprehensive seminar. Your insight and knowledge will go a long way in how we service our guests. I hope to work together again.
— Mark, MGM Resorts


McKinsey research suggests that companies with diverse workforces deliver 35% better results than non-diverse businesses. Inclusivity starts with an institution's human resources and other policies. Bernadette will start with an analysis of your company's current state and then will recommend policies and strategies will guide your company towards a culture of employee loyalty and pride. Her excellent execution and consistency deliver results that help companies build a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.  It's easier than you think and we'll be by your side every step of the way, ensuring palpable authenticity your team will notice. 

Excellent program, Bernadette! Absolutely perfect, simple, accurate and interesting. So cool. Love it. I wish you continued success in everything.
— Talita, Barilla Pasta

Bernadette's Latest Book will be available for pre-order in Winter 2019