The Workforce is Increasingly Diverse

Does Your Organization Understand the New “Rules”?

Speaker and Diversity & Inclusion Expert

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Everyone Wins When We Un-assume Assumptions

In business, even the simplest of assumptions can cost you money -- and the standards for diversity and inclusion have changed. Bernadette will help you avoid million dollar mistakes.


Bernadette's signature talk is Modern Leadership: Inspiring Success Through Inclusion & Authenticity. When a company’s corporate culture has a bedrock of diversity and inclusion, they are built for the future. Our world is changing, fast, and is more connected than ever. Simply put, diversity and culture are the number one workplace priorities for millennials and Generation Z, the largest generations in the workforce. This inspirational, yet practical, talk addresses best practices for leaders to minimize implicit bias, empower under-represented team members, and create a profitable culture of inclusion. 

What an awesome day… filled with great information, interactive activities, a ‘no boundaries’ safe zone for questions and answers, and lots of LOVE! You gave us so much to think about and a clear direction of where we want to be in the future.
— Anna Schmid, MGM Resorts


McKinsey research suggests that companies with diverse workforces deliver 35% better results than non-diverse businesses. We help you understand the value of diversity and inclusion, promote diverse teams, build a culture of inclusion, and earn and keep the business of your diverse clients.
We can assist with organizational diversity and inclusion assessments, Human Resources policy consulting, transgender employee transition strategy and support, BRG/ERG leadership development and strategic planning, and niche-specific business development strategy

Bernadette Smith is an outstanding speaker on building constructive culture. Her engaging keynote was definitely not the standard diversity and inclusivity training. She connected to our specific mission and values and was authentic, approachable, and practical.
— Dr. Sandra Dunbar, Emory University

Bernadette's Latest Book will be available for pre-order in Winter 2019